Swim Coaching

I can now offer individual swim coaching here in Cambridge in my Endless Pool

Until now one-to-one swim coaching has been, so say the least, difficult to arrange. Whilst I’ve been able to do some, it’s been limited in scope and inaccessible to most.

The Endless Pool offers some significant advantages for coaching sessions. You, the swimmer, stay in the same place, and the surface of the water is a metre or so above ground rather than at (or below) ground level.  This makes interaction between swimmer and coach, feedback, and filming from many different angles quick and easy.  The flow is infinitely variable so it caters for all abilities from novice to elite, and makes the pool suitable for stroke analysis, practise, drills and training.

Coaching in the Endless pool is incredibly time efficient: feedback is almost instantaneous, and whilst there’s no substitute for practise, only the time that you’re practising correctly really counts. Not having to continue for the whole length of a normal pool (and back) before addressing each issue saves practising the wrong thing.

An initial, or one off session will give me (and you) a good idea of what to work on and we can start straight away. Depending on your level that might be enough to make a significant and lasting change, but swimming is a complex and multi-faceted technique. Mastering it is an ongoing process and I normally recommend following up with a series of sessions or regular visits.

Of course, the Endless Pool is not much good for working on turns, dives and drafting, but hey… without the cake the icing is just sugar.

A one hour session costs £40. I can offer block bookings of five sessions for a prepayment of £180 (a saving of 10%) and ten sessions for £340 (a saving of 15%). *see conditions below.

For further information, or to arrange a session, please drop me a line.

The pool and the amazing building that houses it were designed and created by Adri Visagie of Space+, Robert and Michael Burton of Cambridge Design and Construction and Ed Turner of Oceanos Pools.

* Conditions:

Five sessions at £36 (£180 paid in advance) valid for three months from date of first session.

Ten sessions at £34 (£340 paid in advance) valid for six months from date of first session.

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