Personal Training

Competing at, and training for, endurance sports at elite level involves a significant amount of generic and specific strength training.  It’s essential for performance, injury prevention, coordination, balance, rehabilitation, general health, sustaining a high training workload and providing variety.  Over many years as a competitor and coach I have developed a deep understanding of strength and resistance training in many forms. 

I recently formalised this with a Personal Training qualification and am now able to offer Personal Training services beyond swimming, cycling and running.

Sports specific – whatever the movement patterns or strength requirements are

General conditioning – building strength and fitness to feel good and look good

Starting out – everyone has to take their first steps – getting good advice and support from the outset gives you confidence for the steps that follow.

Rehabilitation and prehabilitation – injury is the bane of all sportsmen and sportswomen.  Too often we only go to the gym when it’s too late, but good rehabilitation can do so much more than simply help you to recover.

Weight management – there are nearly as many clichés about diet, exercise, health and weight than there are diet books, websites, articles and research papers so I won’t resort to those here – but I can help you make sense of how you manage your intake as well as your workload.


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