Bike fit and safety.

There’s plenty of advice out there telling you that you should get a bike fit (OK – and plenty of counter advice saying that it’s unnecessary and that you can do it yourself)

If you want more power – get a bike fit (or get a coach)

If you want to go faster – get a bike fit (or buy faster equipment)

If you’re in in pain –  get a bike fit  (or a new saddle)

But what’s the advice if you don’t feel safe? Safe on hills, safe in traffic, safe through corners, safe on rough roads, safe riding one handed, safe looking over your shoulder, safe eating or drinking on the move; let alone riding no hands, taking clothing on and off, or racing in a bunch like the boys in the photo above.  For those the advice is always practise, practise, practise. My advice? Sure, but get a bike fit first.

Bike fitting tends to be associated with high performance cycling and high mileage cycling.  It’s about seeking those fine adjustments that can make a difference to speed or prevent mild discomfort turning to agony or injury.  Those are certainly good reasons and a good fitting can give you just the answers that you’re looking for.  But a good bike fitting gives a whole load more – and many of those extras are things that you might not have ever considered.

Better handling.

Better braking.

Better awareness.

In short, better control.

And being in control leads to confidence and feeling safe.

And control, confidence and safety are great reasons to have a bike fitting whatever cycling you do.

As cyclists we are fundamentally quite vulnerable.  Our bikes give us extra speed but no extra protection.  We’re vulnerable amongst pedestrians, vulnerable amongst motorists and vulnerable amongst other cyclists, we’re even vulnerable to stationary objects and uneven surfaces!  

But with control that extra speed gives us agility.  

My bike fittings are as much about relaxation, control and confidence as they are about speed and power.  

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