Custom services for cyclists and triathletes

Who needs a coach?  After all, the information is all out there.

The challenge is to make sense of the bits of it that can make a difference to you.


I’ve been in the worlds of triathlon, cycling and coaching for over thirty years.  During that time I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Of competition at the highest level and the lowest: of competitors preparing for Olympic games, of children and novices participating for the first time, of those focussed on results and performances and of those simply seeking to enjoy every minute.

Whatever your involvement, your experience, your potential or your ability; if you want to get more from yourself, your swimming, your cycling, your running or your triathlon; I have something to offer you.  I even have my own swimming pool.

I specialise in individual coaching and mentoring.  I spend time with you sharing my knowledge with you.  Whether that time is practical (coaching your session, riding with you, fitting your bike, supporting you at an event) or theoretical (discussing your training, creating a plan, discussing or reviewing an event, explaining some aspect of physiology, nutrition, equipment, training methodology etc. or simply answering and asking questions) my focus is always on helping you to get more return on your investments of your time, your energy, your enthusiasm and your passion.

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