Technique coaching for Triathlon

Investing in your technique

Why do some people make going fast look so easy, and others make going slow look so hard?

Is it just luck that some people happen to be great swimmers, great cyclists, great runners?  

Why is it that some triathletes are great at one or two disciplines and, frankly, not so great at the others?

After all, if you are fit enough to sustain a high speed at one you are surely fit enough to sustain a high speed at the others.  

And what’s the point in spending more time and energy trying to be fitter if it’s not fitness that’s your limiting factor?

Good technique

Good techniques for triathlon are good for a reason.  For a number of reasons, in fact.  

  • Some muscles are bigger and stronger than others
  • Muscles fatigue less when they’re doing what they’re good at
  • Relaxed muscles reprocess lactic acid, tense muscles don’t
  • Joints work best over certain ranges of movement
  • Energy is limited, so best not to waste it working against yourself
  • Poor techniques increase the risk of injury, which is the biggest time waster of all

I could go on…

Developing good technique

As a triathlon coach I specialise in helping you understand and improve your technique.  I help you understand and improve your fitness too, but fitness** is temporary.  It comes quickly (relatively) and drops away even more quickly.  Technique – well learned and well practised over time – is much more long lasting.   

Good technique is rarely natural, it must be understood, learned and deliberately practised. Practise doesn’t make perfect if you practise the wrong things.  You just develop bad habits.  

As adults we’re not always good at practising skills, but as triathletes we tell ourselves that we’re ready to do the hard work.  Surely it makes sense to invest our time and energy on long term gains.

The end of one season is a good time to plan ahead for the next.  The first thing to plan is a rest, but maybe the next is an investment in improving your technique.  There’s plenty of time to get competition fit before the racing starts again.

Please have a look around my site and read some more of my articles. Better still, drop me a line and find out how working with me can transform your training and racing.

**  Healthy fitness and competition fitness are different things.  

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