Thanks for your patience and thoroughness today. It was great to spend time on the details of bike setup and technique. I still have lots to learn but this was a super learning opportunity for me.  (S.W)

Just thought I’d let you know that I completed the Celtman Extreme Triathlon at the weekend and thanks to your bike-fit was able to stay aero and comfortable for vast majority of the 200km bike course!
Conditions were absolutely horrendous with 40mph winds all day. But I managed to hit the cut-off for the coveted blue t-shirt and came 9th woman.
Thanks for your help!  (S.O)

Thank you Tim – I’ve gone for a 45 mile ride and it feels fantastic ! Like a new bike, and has also re-kindled some of the old spark.

I came off feeling relaxed, comfortable, seemed like at least an extra 5% increase in speed (without having to push it), was able to hold the various positions comfortably, and the slight use of the ankles has made it both smoother and faster. Handling and cornering confidence – back to 20 years ago.
Your words of advice, and the SMP saddle and longer stem etc are spot on. Also the advice on tri bars was timely – no need, and it’s great to have more space on the handlebars !
So thank you again – it just gets better and better.. (D.A)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for working with me the other day, I really left the fitting feeling like I learned so much, and appreciated how thorough you were. (I.S)

The bike is feeling good and the adjustments and new saddle are working well for me. (E.W)

You did a really good bike fit for me two years ago and I would like to come back now for another check, if you have time. Primarily, it’s because I’m preparing for LEL and started using aerobars, and as a consequence I’m having issues with my saddle. (S.H)

Thanks for today, it was really interesting and informative and, in the short ride home, the bike (including new saddle) felt much more comfortable. (S.M)

I hope you are well. You did a bike fit for me back in 2015 and it was superb. The position has carried me through the last 7 years and been awesome for a couple of 100m rides with no aches or pains. (R.M)

This note is just to say thanks for teaching me how to plan my training. I’ve just finished my pre-comp phase. The past three months were just about on the right side of incredibly difficult, and I was able to adjust my training as I went in order to make the whole thing manageable. Certainly, I am so much fitter than I was this time three months ago!  (S.M)

This note is just to say thanks for teaching me how to plan my training. I’ve just finished my pre-comp phase. The past three months were just about on the right side of incredibly difficult, and I was able to adjust my training as I went in order to make the whole thing manageable. Certainly, I am so much fitter than I was this time three months ago!  (R.G)

Hi Tim thanks for all your time last week with my bike fitting.  I’ve been out a couple of times and it feels more comfortable than before.  I’ve ordered a different stem extender so I’ll return the silver one you supplied.  You don’t need to worry about a refund as you spent so long on the fitting. (A.M)

I hope you are well and Happy New Year. You helped me with a bike fit a couple of months ago (an Argon TT) and I raced on it for the first time today, it felt great and I wanted to say thank you!  (J.E)

Thanks for getting back to me Tim. Wow, a lot to digest there – can never be said you don’t provide excellent after sales support! (P.B)

I wrote up on my TT bike fit with you. Take a look… https://diagonaliste.com/2021-tt-bike-fit/


I saw you last year for a bike fit which has been fantastic, so thank you for that. (R.H)

Just a quick note to say thank you for the fitting the other day. I went out for my first ride with the new set up today, and it is like night and day compared to previously. I think the biggest difference when out on the road was just how much less effort I required to do a standard loop for me. Honestly, it’s probably the best cycling related money I’ve spent, so thank you!
New saddle is feeling very nice indeed, but I’m planning to test it with a bigger ride in the middle of next week.  (E.B)

thanks again for Wednesday, great swim today and felt like a huge improvement, 2-3 seconds a length faster and much less tiring! (M.C)

Just a quick update so say thanks again for the bike fit and for all of your suggestions!
We moved to Devon in August and I’m enjoying most hills, without any further issues, so far! I found that spending more time in the saddle with a higher cadence is working well for me; that is until around 13-14% inclines. With shorter/easier bursts standing is going well too. I’m still avoiding the 20% plus climbs though.
Moving the saddle back definitely seems to be working well for me and it is engaging my hamstrings and glutes a lot more, in turn my quads are definitely being used less and under less tension now.
I’m still taking it relatively easy, after taking about 4 weeks off the bike during the house move. (A.P)

Anyway.. thanks again for your help and advice. Thought I’d let you know!
I just wanted to let you know that I’m so happy I got you to set me up on my bike. I had no idea I could be so comfortable and powerful on the bike so easily. I’m enjoying riding more than I ever have before and I’ve had no discomfort in my knees or IT bands at all. (J.C)

Since coming to you in May I have ridden nearly 3,000 miles without any issues and even did a couple of sportives. I’ve completed several 100km rides plus a 100miler.

I have now purchased a new bike … and would like to have another fitting. (C.Q)

Sincere apologies for not having gotten in touch sooner to thank you for the bike fit.
The niggling left thigh/knee pain that troubled me for over 12 months was resolved immediately and with the lower, longer ride position, I no longer suffer from general discomfort in the shoulders/upper back. The bike feels more balanced when cornering and I’ve seen a 0.5-1mph increase in average speed, better economy and more connection/power on the drops.
I would have gotten in touch sooner; however, I experienced some teething problems with the new saddle, including some unilateral hamstring discomfort which has since settled down. Certainly, the saddle discomfort was immediately resolved (I have experienced no further saddle sores) and I suspect this has simply been adjusting to a new (more stretched position) and greater hamstring recruitment.
Thank you again for your expertise and I’m only sorry I didn’t visit sooner. (D.G)

Firstly, wanted to say that the seat fitting was a great success and has made riding the bike much more enjoyable. It is a really comfortable ride and has made such a difference. (J.O)

I am definitely enjoying riding more on the drops and I get the feeling I am also more efficient when out of the saddle. Thanks again! (M.C)

I meant to email sooner, but time seems to slip away rapidly.
Thank you for the bike fit.  I haven’t covered many miles, but one 50 mile ride and several 30 mile rides later i find that there is a noticeable improvement and I am more comfortable (spending more time) on the drops. (C.S)

I did the Tour de Lincolnshire, 65 miles in 5 hours, I was happy with that. When I saw you I had no intention of getting another bike. However, my husband surprised me with a carbon fibre Specialized Ruby, which is a lovely bike. I’ve kept the seat post and the well saddle, which I have now got used to, and have put them on the Ruby.
All in all I’m very happy with everything, though things did take a bit of getting used to. (L.C)

Thank you so much for finding the time to squeeze me in. It was great to catch up. The swimming has felt so much better this week. The flow, rhythm and timing of the pull and kick just seems to be so much better. Thank you for your advice and coaching.  (Z.P)

Firstly I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent bike fit – your knowledge is second to none. Cycling has been so much more comfortable since I came to you and the Selle SMP Well saddle is excellent. (J.H)

Just wanted to give some feedback to you, I managed to get hold of seat posts (eventually) and have now had my first proper ride since seeing you today.
Anyway, it looks like I’m trending about 8%-10% faster over an hour’s route today with Strava and I wasn’t really making a big effort, just a nice Sunday bimble. I’ve had a couple of shorter rides with the weather against me before today and pretty much matched Strava PB’s on those too.
Suddenly I’m able to move about the bike while on the move so much better and this translates to being able to move around the road a lot better and now feel in control, I’m able to ride the drops confidently, I’m also able to go around corners which feels scarily fast.
I think I’ll need a bit more time to adapt to using this to really benefit myself though, I’m still very often finding myself picking the wrong gear as previously I’d be in a lower gear so I’m just needing to learn to change that habit. Also keep slowing too much for corners as before I would be unable to lean the bike over so much.  (A.B)

you did my bike fit back in November 2020 and I am pleased to say that since, I have been spending more time on my bike than ever. Even during the rainy months as I have the bike on my trainer. So thank you again for that! (M.V)

Just a quick email to thank you for your time yesterday. I did a ride on one of my regular hour-long routes today and got several personal-bests on segments I’ve ridden dozens of times before and I achieved my fastest ever average speed for any ride I’ve done, and that includes group rides with lots of drafting of quicker riders. I’ll definitely be back when I’m ready to step up to a ‘road’ bike.(C.Q)

The bike fit you did for me has really made a difference to my cycling and I’d like to book my wife in for a fitting (C.L)

I’d like to buy a couple of new bikes this year and have the fit done first. I loved what you did for me in 2013 for my TT bike. (A.M)

Since my bike fit in September last year, my company has increased our Cyclescheme limit and I am now ready to make a purchase. I am happy with the set up you gave me (attached) albeit I am going to go for slightly narrower handlebars (400mm). Before making the purchase, I was hoping you could advise on the best bike size to suit my measurements.(S.F)

You may remember me (and my Wilier) from a bike fit back in September. You did an amazing job and the bike feels moulded to me ever since! This is the reason I wanted to ask you for some credible consumer advice. I intend to buy a new bike that I will use back home in Slovenia. (N.K)

Thanks again for all your help. The cycling, even to work, has become a lot more enjoyable, even with the southerly winds in the morning (G.P)

I had a bike fit with you last summer, which was brilliant: the new position made a huge difference. (A.C)

Thought I would contact you with regards to how the bike felt after the bike fit. This weekend I completed the Coast to Coast route 175 miles many feet of climbing whilst carrying all our kit and all pain free. This has been the first time I have not had any right hip niggles or pain in shoulders/neck. Have been me more conscious of my posture on the bike so ensure my ears are pulled away from my shoulders to give length. Also the technique with the pedalling really helped.(T.B)

Just wanted to say thanks again, really enjoyed the session with you and learnt a lot! Had my first ride this morning and liked the ease with which I could use the drop position. Also surprised me how noticeable the change in force vector angle of attack (forward) from the top of the power stroke was. I also noticed that my glutes and other parts of my quads are coming into play more!(D.R)

Took the bike out today and spent 90mins pretty much entirely on the drops, something I never would have done before. Felt very comfortable, and I’m pretty confident that I was moving faster for less effort. I’m very pleased! Thanks again for the fit, and all of the tips! (P.H)

I’ve been riding the bike quite a bit and the fit has been really good so far. I’ve also decided to do some more long distance miles and have a plan to start some ultra distance touring. I’ve commissioned a new bike and we used your fit (B.S)

Just a further ‘thank you’ for the session on Monday. It was a revelation. I’m working hard on waking the newly-recruited muscles from their slumber but it’s coming along. I’m going about 20% faster under equivalent conditions. I do need to take more rests to let the reluctant muscles recover a bit.

The new saddle really is great. Combined with the raised position, no coccyx pain at all, and that’s saying something. (M.G)

Just to let you know – I’m now several days into my tour (in Brugge right now) and the bike is great! The fit has made a big difference. No pain in hands or knees and it feels very comfortable. The fitting has made a big difference. Thanks for taking so much time with it! (S.H)

Thank you for a wonderful session today, in which I learnt far more than I dared hope! (L.W)

I’m really enjoying the bike now – it feels like a whole new machine now that I’m using the drops a lot more. (O.B)

You fitted my road bike brilliantly about 7 years ago. I have a MTB and I wondered if I could bring it to you, to fit to me? (A.R)

I would like to thank you for an amazing bike fitting you done last week for me.
Cycling is much better and feels almost effortless, but most importantly, I am using my muscles and not putting pressure on any of my joints.
My bike is much more balanced and better to manoeuvre, so big thank you.
Also, I really appreciate your tips and lesson on pedalling, and all knowledge you shared.
I was wondering, if you have any free slot to have my partner book for bike fitting? (M.D)

Thanks for your time on Tuesday, it was most informative and enjoyable.

I thought I’d just give you a quick follow-up from the session: I fitted the old, longer, stem yesterday and went for one of my 50k loops, Cambridge – old road to Newmarket, Fordham, Burwell, Swaffhams and back home with a bit of a headwind from Cambridge to Newmarket. Obviously it felt a bit odd as the position is quite different but I think I’ll get used to it. I found myself on the drops for probably 80% of the ride, which is a phenomenal improvement. I’ve also noticed (and am noticing even more this morning!) that I’m using my glutes much more, which I think is a good thing? No more numb toes either 🙂 (A.C)

Firstly I would like to say thanks for my bike fit last year.

I didn’t actually ride the bike until about six weeks after the fitting, still finding it too strange to get used to. Just before Christmas my folding bike suffered a catastrophic failure and the manufacturer gave me a full refund, I was then forced onto the road bike you set up for me.

The first few days were a little strange and a bit sore/ stiff but since then I have never looked back. I am now flying around the country on it and loving every minute. (J.G)

Thank you again for the bike fitting in January. Thought I would send you an update with how I’m getting on and can confirm that with more mileage in the bag, I’m reaping the benefits of the more efficient riding position.

With the circumstances, I also purchased a set of rollers rather than a turbo trainer for to help me learn/improve my pedalling technique in the new position.

So thank you very much for your time and assistance to get me set up in a better riding position. Looking forward to many more miles in the saddle. (A.S)

Firstly let me thank you ( I know its a bit late but better late than never ) for all your help and advise when you fitted me to my Tofosi or visa versa. (W.E)

Thank you so much for spending so much time with me yesterday, I found the whole thing so useful and really interesting.

A few years ago you fitted me for my Dawes, and then my Bob Jackson.
Until then my limit was 50 miles before suffering such awkward aches and muscular knots in my shoulders, but since the bike fit the aches (and knots) evaporated and my limit climbed the dizzy heights of Audaxing to 150 miles! So money well spent, easy to under estimate the value of a good bike fit until you’ve had one and well done! (S.G)

Thanks for the bike fit Tim. J was very enthusiastic about the experience and the way his bike feels currently. (J.V)

Seems a long time ago now but I just wanted to express my thanks for the bike-fit you did for me back in July.

I did manage to get an affordable replacement seatpost/saddle combination thanks to Ebay and, bearing in mind the oft-quoted advice never to change your position before embarking on a challenging ride, promptly did the exact opposite and headed to the Tour with your changes in place!

I made it up the Iseran (dodging the hailstorms) just in time to see Bernal surging to the summit, and a few days later I rode the Madeleine from the northern side in absolutely gorgeous conditions. I’m pretty sure they would have both been much harder in my old position – especially the descents. Your instinct about the foot rubbing (below) was right too – it’s now nothing like as bad as before.

So all round, a very big thank you to you! (R.G)

It was good to meet you this weekend – and an enjoyable process. (G.W)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with the bike fit. The bike feels great and way more comfortable, The explanations and coaching was super useful too. (D.P)

Had a one-hour ride with no soreness, so the set-up seems great to me!
Where is the best place to leave a positive review for you, highly positive of course?
All the best (T.D)

I was fine riding today, getting used to the new longer, lower position. My glutes were engaged and I spent less time moving about on the saddle which seems reasonably comfortable. I had my heels down, no pins and needles in my hands. I can feel it a bit in my neck, moving from the more relaxed position. But I think I was more efficient, which is thanks to you. (A.R)

Firstly, many, many thanks for the bike fit you did for me back in June. It has made a massive difference to comfort and following that I’ve done my first aquabike and actually my first super-sprint triathlon. (H.P)

Thank you for the two sessions. They have been incredibly useful and I was dreaming of bike handling after Monday’s session and repeatedly going around corners in my dreams so it seems to be going in!

Thank you for your time. (Z.P)

Just to let you know that the new set-up is doing well. Much more efficient pedalling now with better distributed effort. (K.B)

I’ve now had a chance to ride around quite a bit, and I wanted to let you know that I’m getting on well with the new setup. It feels different, but it’s working for me. I’m comfortable in the drops and I’m not getting the same shoulder problem as before.

So thanks for your help and advice, I’ll be back in touch if I decide to go for cleats. (M.F)

Thanks for such a comprehensive bike fit yesterday. Went for a 18 ish mile cycle today, which felt great. Had so much more power and speed it was like I was cycling a completely new bike. Definitely felt like glutes being recruited. No back pain at all for the majority of the cycle, it just started to creep back in right at the end but not sure whether that was just fatigue from glutes having to work when previously I’ve obviously haven’t been using them to cycle.
Saddle was very comfortable, felt like I was sitting right on my ischial spines and no pressure at all. (K.M)

I hope you’re well on this lovely fine summer’s day. I just wanted to say a big thank you for both my bike set up and 1-1 swim sessions. I competed in the Ironman 70.3 in Norway at the weekend and I managed to swim a new PB, coming out the water sub-24:30 (around a minute faster than my previous results) and second overall! I even managed to take the overall lead on the bike. Unfortunately, due to the cold weather I blew up on the run and had hypothermia, going from 12th overall and 1st AG to 4th (still qualifying for Worlds, which was the aim). Still, lots of positives to take away from it all and I really loved the bike. Haven’t loved riding it for a while so thank you. (Z.P)

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help last week.
Bike feels really good now. (J.B)

Thought you would like some feedback.

I went for a spin on Tuesday night so see what effect the changes would have.

28.74 miles / 640 ft elevation gain (according to strava)…average of 17mph (highest so far), of the 26 segments, 17 were personal records and 5 were 2nd fastest times.

Less pain in knees…climbing easier.

Thanks for your time, advice etc.    (A.N)

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help last week.
Bike feels really good now.   (J.B)

I just wanted to say a big thank you for both my bike set up and 1-1 swim sessions. I competed in the Ironman 70.3 in Norway at the weekend and I managed to swim a new PB, coming out the water sub-24:30 (around a minute faster than my previous results) and second overall! I even managed to take the overall lead on the bike. Unfortunately, due to the cold weather I blew up on the run and had hypothermia, going from 12th overall and 1st AG to 4th (still qualifying for Worlds, which was the aim). Still, lots of positives to take away from it all and I really loved the bike. Haven’t loved riding it for a while so thank you. (Z.P)

Thanks for such a comprehensive bike fit yesterday. Went for a 18 ish mile cycle today, which felt great. Had so much more power and speed it was like I was cycling a completely new bike. Definitely felt like glutes being recruited. No back pain at all for the majority of the cycle, it just started to creep back in right at the end but not sure whether that was just fatigue from glutes having to work when previously I’ve obviously haven’t been using them to cycle.
Saddle was very comfortable, felt like I was sitting right on my ischial spines and no pressure at all. (K.M.)

I’ve now had a chance to ride around quite a bit, and I wanted to let you know that I’m getting on well with the new setup. It feels different, but it’s working for me. I’m comfortable in the drops and I’m not getting the same shoulder problem as before. (M.F)

but firstly just to say how comfortable the bike is now after the fitting last month. I’ve done several 3+ hr rides with no aching issues so thanks! (S.G)

Thanks again for the bike fit. Had a quick cycle into town yesterday and then the usual work commute today. It was great. Rode all of it on the drops and according to strava managed pretty good speeds despite the wind and with not too much effort. So all good. (J.P)

We are two days into LEJOG and I just wanted you to know that the bike fit was transformative. No pain. Thank you!! (T.P)

I came to you last summer for a coaching session which turned into a bit of a bike fit. The fit was amazing. (J.S)

Perhaps tempting fate, I’ve now purchased a touring bike. I recently had a bike-fitting session with Perfect Condition in Cambridge, which was really interesting. I needed a new seat post to allow me to set my seat two inches back to accommodate my longer-than-average femurs and to put my knees and feet at the proper angles. The improvement in my riding comfort is substantial, and I wonder what might have been different if I had had a decent bike fitting all those years ago.  (R.dB)

(Read the full article by Roxanne de Beaux on the Cambridge Cycling Campaign website)

Today’s session was very informative and am excited to do some long rides with my new position! It definitely felt different on my ride back and I did spend more time on the drops already. (R.J)

Thanks for today’s [technique] session. It was enlightening and very, very useful … possibly the first and biggest missing keys because I think it’s the bicycle equivalent to the deep understanding that water will do everything it possibly can to keep you from drowning … if you work with it and do what it wants! (E.J)

Wow, I’ve finally managed to get back to you about getting some sessions in. … I’ve been on the bike quite a bit and the bike fit has been great. I feel a lot more comfortable and stable on it. So thank you for that. (Z.P)

Tim Williams from Perfect Condition (www.perfectcondition.ltd.uk) has been key in helping me with these drills and I’ve had a few invaluable one to one sessions with him as well as religiously attending his weekly technique session with the tri club. (L.G)

Just a quick email to thank you for helping me with my bike at my bike fit on Thursday 11th April. It was a really interesting few hours and I learnt a lot. I’ve now had several rides out and although I’m still adjusting to the changed position (and consciously applying a smoother pedal technique) I’ve noticed many improvements already.

I’ve had next to no saddle discomfort (bliss!); I feel more relaxed and stable on the bike; and I can feel that I’m engaging a wider range of muscles and can apply more power to accelerate. I’ve had some very successful rides, which is fantastic.  (C.M)

I’ve done several rides (5) of varying length and intensity (including the local chain gang) with the new position. It is great, the 130mm stem feels so good. Being stretched out makes so much sense, overall it works very well and I am definitely faster and more comfortable. (P.W)

G says you are the best swimming coach he has ever had….do you do lessons either on group or one to one basis? (M.C)

You supplied my wife and me with a bike fit back in April, it has made a huge difference to our riding comfort, flat speed and cornering speed.  (S.R)

J has improved more than we thought possible, since he has been doing your sessions, so we are v keen for him to continue training with you .   (B.B)

I can’t thank you enough for the cumulative help, over some time, in the art of going downhill ! There were enough really technical and fast stretches during the Etape to add to the challenge such that without confidence in handling the bike the whole thing would have been a nightmare! (C.D)

Thank you so much for the bike fit… it was amazing.
Can you possibly send me a photo of the dimensions… my commuter bike got stolen today. I need to get a new one.
Thanks again… the bike fit was so good  (M.S)

You did a bike fit for me a few years ago. It’s been so good I haven’t varied it a millimetre since. I’d like now to get the same bike set up for TT.  (N.H)

She said that she hasn’t felt that good on a run for a long time, and that she felt the new technique really helped her breathing and kept her relaxed. Normally she ends up with a stitch or being sick, but not today. So many thanks for all your coaching and support  (R.L)

Your work on descending is indeed transformative. It’s a bit of surprise that even in the gentle slopes of the Tour of Cambs L and I can take so much out of the big blokes by really committing to the descents – shame we had to slow to a stand still on the corners as everyone shouts “Turn” and “slowing” as if taking any pace at all into the turn would kill us all.  (A.K)

Earlier this year, I had a bike fit done. It has helped immensely, I can push harder for longer without any pain anymore in my hamstrings. (H.V)

You fit my old bike last year, as I was preparing for Ride London (which I successfully completed, whilst loving every pedal stroke)  (K.J)

All is going well after the two bike fits last year – thanks! (J.H)

I’m not sure if you will remember me, but you did a bike fit for me and my Cannondale Synapse back in June in preparation for Ride London.  My aim was to complete the 100 miles in under 7 hours and I managed to roll around the course in 6.26; I was very pleased, so thank you. (G.A)

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you again for the bike fit. I’ve ridden the bike a few times now, including a 100m sportive yesterday and I’m convinced the more relaxed position you’ve put me in has made a huge improvement and really helps me to maintain my effort. Riding in the drops is now the default position. Moving the cleats has also had a very positive effect.
I have to say, there’s clearly no replacement for experience, and I’d never have arrived at this configuration, however many on-line guides I’d read! It took you 2 min of watching me to know what to change. (P.H)

Having done 2 rides since the changes, I had zero pain or weight on the hands and felt much more comfortable on the bike so many many thanks. This is the first time I have can say I have this little pressure on my arms.  I am also going quicker due to the more stretched position which is a real bonus!! (P.R)

You helped me out a couple of months ago with a bike fit.
I just wanted to let you know that all pain in my lower back has gone and I successfully completed my 100 miler on the hottest day of the year a couple of Sundays ago!
Many thanks for your help – Oxford to Cambridge now booked for September! (S M)

I had a bike fit with you on the 22nd May.  The fit was brilliant, I got the 11cm stem as you suggested and completed my 100 mile ride.  I am now faster and completely free from back and hand pain.  In a word the service you provided was superb! (A.J)

I just want to say a quick thank you for taking so much of your time to help me with my bike.
I did the Cotswold 113 yesterday and couldn’t have been happier with my bike. It felt great and it was faster than I was hoping for. (L.L)

My boyfriend recently visited you for a bike fitting and was really impressed with the difference you made to his riding. (E.S)

Thanks again for your time a month back. The bike is going great. (B.M)

Secondly, thank you for the fitting service. I feel like my cycling is better for it. I undertook my first triathlon (changed to a duathlon (2.5km, 21.2km, 5km) due to poor water quality) and the cycle felt good, I was on my sit bones and overall felt comfortable with relaxed arms and shoulders, a good drive.and no knee pain! (D.W)

I just wanted to say a big thank you email for coming in and doing your talk on designer wheels. It was really well received and we’ve had great feedback about it. Thanks for giving up your time. (Cambridge Science Centre)

Anyway I feel much more comfortable now and I am about 9% faster for the same effort. Histon/St Ives now just feels like an ordinary ride instead of the furthest part feeling like an ordeal. I still stay on the drops all the time:-) and that feels normal as well.
My back ache has gone and the saddle is more comfortable.  (M.L)

Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying cycling since you did the bike fit for me a few weeks back. Not sure what sorcery you carried out exactly (!) but cycling has since started rapidly heading towards being my favourite of the 3 triathlon disciplines and I seem to be regularly averaging a good couple of mile per hour faster on some of the regular rides I do. Also did my first middle distance event last weekend with the bike being my best section by far. No aches and pains and amazingly comfortable.
So thanks very much – best £90 I’ve ever spent. (J.W)

Just wanted to say thanks for your time last week.
Managed to complete the London to Brighton run without any nasty aches or niggles.
Best of all, the numb hand that I was getting from biking has almost completely cleared up.
Bike felt great, very comfortable and well-balanced. (K.M)

Many thanks again, absolute life-saver!!  Been out on the bike a lot over the last few days and has been awesome! Cleet position change alone has definitely made a big difference. (H.M)

I can’t thank you enough. I’ve had no knee pain since your set up, and I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed riding my road bike this much. So thank you!  (M.M)

Just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday. Really got lots out of the session and the Specialized felt much better for last nights Chainy. I couldn’t tell you exactly why but the fact that I got off without any pains anywhere (other than tired legs….) speaks for itself. (B.B)

You did a bike fit for my friend not so long ago and he has recommended I seek your assistance (P.A)

just wanted to let you know that after owning the giant for 3 weeks I can tell you the foot pains are 100% gone. Obviously my positioning was the issue. Thanks again! (S.C)

Thought I’d drop you a line, I finally got out at on Saturday for my first ride since our session, did about 20 miles at a reasonably high intensity, and my first impression is that I am absolutely delighted!
I felt comfortable, powerful and stable, not a peep from the niggly knee or my pelvic scarring, and yesterday and today have been getting a bit of feedback from my glutes and hamstrings, showing that the new position has activated a couple of new groups.   Thanks again for the session, feels like time and money well spent! (I.R)

The bike was perfect, the ride happened to be one run at a gentle speed and I had been on the drops for ages before I realised that I was looking throughmy glasses. I kept up with the strongest rider on a gentle ascent that I usually find rather hard work. I was on the drops. It was comfortable. When I reached the end of the ride, I was certain that I felt better than before. (S.H)

Wanted to drop you a quick note – the bike fit adjustments you made felt very good on a short training ride yesterday. Saddle comfort was also surprisingly good on the new Fizik saddle. I’m going to try a few longer rides soon to see how it feels, but I felt very good in the drops for longer periods for the first time…

Thank you for your expert advice, (S.C)

You did a bike fitting for me some time ago, on two Argon 18 bikes.
The road bike feels great, I am well impressed with how much better it all feels. I am still feeling a bit saw [sic] in the hands after a long ride, but not too bad.
The highlight is how much better my legs feel, it’s half the pain, and no more clicking knee.
So thanks for your great work! (J.R)

Wow even on the way home that seat position just felt so much more comfortable ! Big change as it really felt so different to before. Going over bumps was smoother and too. Thanks very much indeed, should have done this ages ago! (G.V)

Everything is good, I’m starting to feel the benefit already, especially in push phase of the stroke.  Now, I just need my fitness to improve a bit!  I’m really enjoying the new position, especially the feel of the bike through fast corners, being a bit further back has definitely improved handling. (L.M)

I wanted to let you know that as it’s been a few weeks since you carried out the bike fit for me I have to say that it’s now more like sitting on a sofa than on my bike! I’ve really taken to the new position, pretty much immediately in fact, so thanks again Tim – a job well done. (J.W)

Thanks for the fit yesterday I can’t believe the difference riding home last night. I was so much quicker with less effort and last night I could feel the muscles in the backs of my upper legs which I never have before so like you said I am now using the whole of my legs instead of just my thighs. Now can’t wait to get out on it in Norfolk. Many thanks again and will highly recommend your services (S.J)

Thank you!  Managed it in 14 days, 2 hours and 11 minutes – 20th out of 200.
The bike fit was great I had no real problems at all, even at the end of the day.  The saddle was great too.
Once again thank you very much! (J.T)

A quick further follow up and a big thank you. I did The Ride London 100 yesterday with an official time of 6h 1 min and actual moving time of 5h 29 min. Considering before Christmas I’d only done a max of 17 miles and since then a mixture of 20-30 mile rides plus a single 65 mile, an 83 mile and then yesterday I have to be happy with that. I feel no shame admitting I exploded on the last 1/4 of Leith Hill and had to get off and walk. Having lived on the lactate threshold all the way there, the step up in intensity on the climb was asking a little too much and far more training/conditioning required. Box Hill and Wimbledon Hill were fine.
I guess the biggest point is this, the bike was really comfy and today I feel completely fine. Not tired or stiff at all. In fact I’d love to do it again today.
I think this last point is a massive tribute to your skills as a bike fitter.
Thanks so much. (R.M)

As the title may suggest I want to thank you for unlocking the area of cycling which I’ve been struggling with. I joined the training yesterday with much scepticism but went home looking for corners and being slightly disappointed that I hadn’t taken them quicker (C felt the same and it was amazing to see her enjoying cornering).
So I am fortunate to have to work near Crawley and stay a night away from home (stick with me)… I bring my bike and get to ride leith hill, white down and box hill…. Anyway it was raining here today and I’ve just finished my ride and….. Fastest times on all descents, not just in the wet but ever. Corners which were corners are now rather a non-event, initially I was finding it a struggle and seemed to be doing everything but then realised I wasn’t looking through the corner. Blah blah blah
Anyway great training and thank you. Not just for the help with cornering but the bike fit also, no pain, faster and more enjoyable. I’m going to say in terms of money spent on cycling your advice has been the most beneficial (forget aero)…. So we’ll certainly see you again.
Thanks and thanks for not being a snake oil salesman – it works! (S.R)

To up date you: I did the Grand Fondo Tour of Cambridgeshire today- it went very well and the 80 miles were pretty easy.  The saddle was great, my back was perfect so I feel I have cracked it (C.B)

Just wanted to say thank you again for the descending/cornering – just back from a week around Lake Garda in Italy, and whilst I still have so much to practice, I was  much more comfortable thanks to your guidance.   Hairpins are now a chance to get better, not an ‘oh my god who put that school bus there’; and I found myself enjoying descents that had  worried me in previous years.  Have also been watching all the descending in the Giro spotting who is doing it right and who not! (J.G)

Hope this email finds you well and thanks again for the time trial bike set up. Still racking up the miles and loving every second! (W.S)

Just completed Étapes du Dales today. This is a brutal 180km, 3000m. On road bike, and happy to report that riding position reaping rewards.
Thanks, another happy convert! (V.S)

I’m extremely happy with the bike fit I had on my trek bike a couple of months ago, it feels perfect. I’ve just bought a new carbon bike that I intend to use as summer bike and keep the trek for winter, and although the shop offered a bike fit I would rather book one with you. (R.S)

I’m guessing this will come as little surprise that the setup is great. I’m happy on the drops all day, only coming up for a change of position or to be more visible. Certainly appears to have given me more energy too presumably as I’m created less lactate now that I’m not tense. I also love the saddle. Really comfy. So thanks so much for your expertise. For me money well spent and a great way to pamper myself on my birthday. (R.M)

just been out on road bike for a quick 52km loop, up around the hills to the south of Cambridge. Thigh muscles not screaming, and overall total leg plus buttock usage much improved, more balanced. Quite impressive actually, at least a 10% improvement in overall speed, and a higher cadence now much easier too. Relaxed upper body. Totally awesome. (V.S)

Hope you are well! Just thought I would drop you a quick email to thank you for my recent bike fit. I have started to get a few rides in now after treatment for my injury finished and am building up time in the saddle. All is going well and my position is so much better than before, I feel very comfortable on the bike. I am now certain my previous set up must have contributed to my injury. It’s still early days yet but I have been surprised by how I feel at the end of rides and also by how well I am riding, for me. Considering the time off the bike and injury, I thought I would be really struggling to get back in shape but have been very encouraged thus far! Thanks very much again for all your help and advice and I will definitely be back to see you (C.S)

Thank you for my bike fit yesterday. I went out for a short spin today and rode all 26 miles on the drops.  I never thought it could feel so natural. Even in side winds (which I hate!) I felt fine!  (R.S)

I hope you are doing well ! It has been some time ( 3 years) since you helped me adjust my bike and gave me some riding tips for my race in Italy. I am still biking and am attacking the mountains again this summer .
I wanted to introduce you to D who is looking for a Biking Coach. I said you are the the best in the game and hope the two of you could connect. (T.J)

Thank you for setting my bike up a few weeks back. I cant believe how much nicer it is to ride now. (S.M)

It was great to meet you. I hope I learned a lot! New pedal position is much more powerful, even in a light headwind. (E.W)

I spent 90 minutes on the turbo today and noticed I was pushing put on average 7 more watts. I was seated at the rear of the saddle and didn’t once drift. I made an conscious effort to flatten out my lower back – I think that will take time.  (S.C)

Thanks again for the bike fit. I’ve been really enjoying the new setup. (P.G)

For now, I seem to be doing well with the setup you arranged for me.  I managed to complete the London-Edinburgh-London ride as planned in just under 100 hours, so well within the 5 days allowed.  No problems, other than some general knee aching from day 3 onward, and most importantly no repeat of the Achilles injury.  I’ve certainly felt more comfortable and in control since the bike fitting – so thanks again for all your help! (P.R)

Thanks so much for all your help, wisdom and patience yesterday. I really got so much out of the session.
I had no idea that we had done two hours until I looked at my watch on the way out of the car park.
Such fun and hugely helpful. Thank you. (N.B)

[My trip has] has brought home to me just how good my own bike fitting is as I am finding the descents a little more taxing on the hired bike. So many thanks for the bike fitting (some time ago now) … will be bringing my own bike next time! (P.M)

Belated email to say thanks for the bike fit in January. It’s made a massive difference to the enjoyment I get out of the bike, and I’ve been going out on longer and longer distances at the weekends. (P.M)

Thanks for the bike fit I have done some big rides and find it easier to see where I am going and don’t have so much neck pain but it’s still there. the bike feels more stable and seams to take bumps better with less shock through my body so over all its much better. (P.D)

I thought I should give you an update since it’s been a couple of weeks. I’ve gotten used to the new position, it definitely feels like I’ve got more power and space when I’m cycling and I do a lot less adjusting of my position, whilst riding. So that’s all good.
As we thought the knee pain hasn’t completely gone but I can do about 20miles now compared to the 5 before, which is a definite improvement. (R.H)

Thanks for a very enjoyable and informative afternoon, I learned a great deal listening to you whilst you tweaked the bike to get the perfect setup for me. I rode up the busway to St Ives and back on the ‘way home’ and was delighted that I could maintain the aero position comfortably and felt balanced and confident on the bike which is fantastic. It feels like a completely different bike to the one I wobbled over to you on and even more of a bargain! (S.H)

don’t know if you remember me, you fitted me for my road bike in 2012 and it changed everything for me performance wise. I am now looking to get into triathlon and have bought a second hand tri bike (S.H)

I am sorry I didn’t have time when we briefly saw one another on Saturday morning to say thank you for the bike fit. It has made a real difference: much less strain in the arms and far more comfortable on the drops and in the tuck on the hoods you showed me. (S.M)

It seems much longer than a week since I came to see you.  There has been much consternation amongst my cycling buddies about my new position and I myself am still trying to come to terms mentally with the changes you  made.

Following the fit I went for 3 short rides (10-15 miles)  and then rode a 210k Audax on the Saturday.

The three shorter rides were just to allow me to adapt to the new position and relearn how to change gear, brake etc.  On all three rides I was able to ride on the drops for the whole ride without any significant discomfort although I did feel the increased stretch in my lower back.

The Audax ride was the most interesting and is probably best dealt with in the order of hands, feet, neck, back and bum!!


One of the problems I was experiencing was numbness in my left hand which on longer rides meant that my little and ring fingers were numb for three to four days after the ride.
On the Audax ride I rode on the drops and the tops and did not experience any hand numbness whatsoever.


Previously I was getting severe hot foot in my left foot.  For the Audax ride I experienced some hot foot in both feet but this was resolved by loosening my shoes slightly (it was a very hot day).  I then had some minor hot foot issues in both feet later in the day but this was resolved by using the pedaling exercise you showed me.  Given the severity of the left foot problems I was having I felt this was an excellent improvement and supports my hypothesis that I need some shoes that are slightly wider than my current shoes.


I am still experiencing problems with neck stiffness but I do think ths is due to the fall I had some months ago.  During the Audax ride I had no trouble keeping my head up to see where i was going and any discomfort that developed dissappeared completely during the frequent water breaks we had on the ride.  i.e. it took another 50k of riding before I started feeling neck discomfort again.


I did start to experience a lot of lower back discomfort (muscles stretched beyond the point of previous usage) which became problematical just before we stopped for lunch at the 120k point.  (Problemetical means the discomfort couldn’t be ignored).  This was completely resolved when we started off again after lunch, made a brief reappearance during the afternoon but had disappeared completely by the end of the ride.  I can also happily report no after ride consequences upto this morning.  As this was something I though could be a significant problem for me I am very pleased at the outcome.


Similar to my back in that I was experiencing some left sit bone discomfort by lunch time.  However in the afternoon this subsided but did not completely disappear but was matched be almost equal discomfort in the right sit bone.   Given the very different riding position you put me in I was expecting some saddle discomfort on the Audax ride so was pleasantly surprised that by the end of the day it was relatively mild.  When I checked at home the contact points around my sit bones were in a very different location to my previous position and that the swelling around my left sit bone was only marginally larger than around the right.  Previously it has been 3-4 times larger!!

I can also report that I didn’t experience any knee discomfort.  In my previous position the saddle height was always marginal as minor movements up and down caused some discomfort in either my left or right knee.

Riding a 210k Audax so soon after being put in a radically different riding position was always going to be a big ask so I am delighted with the comparatively few issues I encountered.  I think quite a lot of adaption happended during the Audax ride and that this bodes very well for the future.  I now anticipate being able to complete the Mildenhall 300k Audax on the 23rd August without having to ride the last 50k out of the saddle .   (S.L)

I’m picking up a new bike today and would like you to fit it for me – you fitted my current bike for me so beautifully that I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it. (Z.B)

My knees are gradually getting better. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching and I think my right side is just a bit tense. The bike feels super comfortable though, so definitely can’t be that causing it anymore. I managed a 40+ miler at the weekend with only a bit of pain in the last couple of miles before home so that’s a definite improvement. (R.H)

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